We toured around central Vietnam with Paddy (Do Thao) for 7 days!! Paddy first and foremost is honest, knows his way around the country, polite and friendly with locals and well spoken English. The great thing about Paddy is he tailors your trip to what you like, and for us it was nature and food. And its not easy making your way on your own through central Vietnam with no Vietnamese. We also had a reliable driver (Gwe) for the mini van (we had suit cases) and the van was very comfortable as some roads can be quite bumpy but we often slept right through on longer drives :)

We travelled from Dalat to Hoi An and I wont go through everything we did but will point out some highlights. We did a mix of things from your famous tourist attractions to silk factories, impromptu stops to see how food was made such as rice paper rolls, local farms and amazing waterfalls where he would leave us to our own devices to explore and enjoy. Sometimes we might stop on the side to chill out in hammocks with freshly cooked corn and a coconut to drink overseeing beautiful scenery.

The food was amazing and Paddy never put a foot wrong. Each meal was different and delicious in its own way. And there was always good cold beer to go with it!!

And for me the holiday was to our own pace where once we stopped at one waterfall for a few hours just to relax. And after such a long time the things I remember most were the peaceful moments doing absolutely nothing in a refreshing pool beside the waterfall, in a hammock drinking a coconut and having a fresh coffee in the morning sun...plus the food!!

Paddy was gracious enough to even invite us to his family home on the final day to have a beautifully cooked dinner and to drink and laugh with his family. Word of warning, if you do visit his house, watch out for those green chilis they eat by the mouthful.

Thanks Paddy and Gwe for the great memories and looking after us. Much love Ronnie

After being recommended by friends who did a tour with Thao four years ago and still talked about it fondly and with so much enthusiasm I decided to contact Thao.

Together with my friend Hanneke I did a three day tour from Dalat through the Highlands ending in Nhatrang. It has been one of the best experiences I've had during my three month travel thru Asia.

Thao and Quyen are very safe drivers and the best guides you can imagine! They speak fluent English and know everything about the tiniest plant to the best Vietnamese dishes and the current status of Vietnam. And are more than willing to tell you all about it. No question stays unanswered on this trip.

This makes the trip not only a tour with spectacular views that fill your photo album but a memory that will last (even after four years;)!

This said, there is no need to say that I will highly recommend to do a motorbike tour with Thao and Quyen from Paddy tours while your visiting Vietnam!

Laura Wagemans - laura.wagemans1@facebook.com

The only way to experience Vietnam

Please please please...take a moment to understand Thao. My journey down South with the wonderful man was the absolute high- light of my seven months travel.

I learned amazing amounts, had the time of my life, and will never forget this as long as I live. In fact, I will be back to re- live this some day.

Times like these will make you look at life like never before. Thao is unbelievably honest & will give you nothing but the best.

He is my friend forever . It's the only way to experience  Vietnam.

Love always,
Shanan Martin
U. S. A